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On the second episode of the Terminus podcast, join me as I chat about the Eleventh Doctor and my feelings about his character and story arc so far. I also discuss my thoughts on his impending regeneration and there’s the intro of the newest reoccurring show component — Happy Fandom Time! — where I discuss what I’m currently geeking about in the world of Doctor Who. Along the way, there’s also bonus sound issues I had to contend with and edit as best as possible (a plethora of clipped words and distortion, oh my!), my cat Fender making loud sounds in the background from the next room (she apparently wanted her own opinions of the Doctor known — does anyone speak Cat?), and the occasional rant about the Tenth Doctor era (which, wow, not sure I was so ranty-pants that night — I do like him, I swear!). Enjoy the ride (it is a bumpier one this time, but the seatbelts are quite comfy)!

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Er, I guess I need to get back to that Doctor Who meme I started. This last week or so, I've been very scattered. Guess I'll try to get to it before bed.

Anyway, speaking of Doctor Who, I received my copy of Chicks Unravel Time in the mail today (along with some tins of sardines and a set of Susanne Somer's Thighmaster and Buttmaster -- don't judge me!). I'm hoping to dig into it more in the coming days (or even when I'm at [livejournal.com profile] frolicon next weekend), but so far I started to read the essay entitled 'David Tennant's Bum'.

The subject -- at least in the title -- is something I'm rather fond of and though I'm shirking the tone set up by the publishers by not reading it from the beginning (they purposely chose the order of the essays), I thought it would be a fun starting point.

Well, maybe not.

I'm finding myself twitching with all of the accolades being heaped on the Tenth Doctor in the essay. I mean, overall I do like him as a Doctor, but to praise him for things like how he doesn't balk at or belittle intelligence in others (*cough*Martha*cough*) makes me side-eye it a bit. In fact, it's an essay that is only a few pages long, though its taken me hours to read it through (I'm still not done), because I have to sit the book down and Be Annoyed for a few minutes about how, no, actually the Tenth Doctor let me down as a fan in many ways and while I'm a huge-huge-huge fan of Tennant himself, I really do think that the writing failed his character in the Tenth Doctor and how Ten, at the end of the day, was really quite an ass*. Yes, he had his good moments, and honestly I try to edit the bad ones out in my head, but now that I'm in the era of a much nicer, much more accepting Doctor in Eleven, Ten's shortcomings are all the more glaring to me.

Back when I watched his tenure the first time around, I (mostly) ignored some of his issues, hoping that he would learn from them eventually, that he would grow past the incessant emo man!pain (though admittedly Tennant is ever-so-pretty when he angsts, even if it was a bit overdone) and ill-treatment of most everyone who was not!Rose. That somehow he would be My Doctor again. And in my head!canon he did become that (in the realm of fan fiction fix-it fics, of course), but ultimately it is profoundly sad for me that I never saw that resolution on-screen, that he went out in the end even worse than he ever was (he was frankly dead to me after the ranting at Wilf during his childish tantrum and I just chose to believe the bizarre events of 'The End of Time' were just some sort of fever dream of his). And even the utter glory of David Tennant's bum -- as perfectly shaped as it is -- can't fix that.

* Yes, yes. I know the Doctor has always been a bit of an ass, sometimes in more instances and incarnations than others, but I hate how the show tries to tell me that the Tenth Doctor isn't one, when he clearly is. For example, I watched 'Smith and Jones' again the other night (arguably one of my all-time favorite episodes) and I hate the moment where he rudely dismisses the other medical student with Martha when the hospital is now on the Moon. 'Not her, she'd hold us up' is not something My Doctor would say. I'm so happy for the return of 'You know in 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.' That's my Doctor speaking.
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I caught up listening to the Verity! Podcast* over the weekend and even decided to drop a comment on their related post about the Eleventh Doctor. For those who don't know, as a tribute to the 50th anniversary, they are doing a show on each Doctor and talking about what episode defines that Doctor best. Obviously, we are still in the midst of Eleven's run so it's hard to give a definitive answer, but they still gave it a go.

The most popular choice on the show was 'The Eleventh Hour' and while I love that episodewith the fire of a thousand suns (seriously, I couldn't count the amount of times I've rewatched it), when I closed my eyes and thought of what episode most fit Eleven for me, I went straight to 'Amy's Choice'. Now, it's a given that's also my favorite story of new!Who, so I'm a bit biased, but it's more than that.

Anyway, I go into more in my comment on their post below (I decided to repost it here as well, as I'm still trying to work on posting more on LJ this year):

Just finished listening to the podcast (yes, I'm late -- I'm catching up on them all). And I thought about what my choice for episode would be and, as I mentioned on Twitter, I have to say for me it would be 'Amy's Choice' (which is, also, my favorite new!Who episode, actually).

A lot of people find it a pretty meta episode focusing on Amy, but for me I find it more of an excellent character study of the Doctor. Further, while obviously there are some character points that the Dream Lord touches on that are true of many/all Doctors (such as not keeping in touch with his friends and whatnot, for example), here we have something new: a Doctor that is truly openly acknowledging his guilt to the audience over such things.

In a way, it's almost like cleaning up such things as the Tenth Doctor being so harsh to people (especially Martha, who is my favorite, FWIW). It's like the Eleventh Doctor has grown up finally, that he is putting his emo manpain aside and respecting those around him in his life for the first time...well, since the Time War probably.

He's also openly acknowledging his faults and how he's hurt people. He's also trying to figure out who he is and how he fits into the universe. Amy is the mouthpiece for this, such as when she implores him to save Rory and when he can't she demands 'Then what is the point of you?' or how she is an example of him luring away people from their more 'mundane' domestic lives and how its hard to compete with that. There are just so many great character moments, especially with the Dream Lord, that just make me fist pump with joy and just weep with the way the laid the Eleventh Doctor bare for all to see.

* If you haven't checked out the Verity! Podcast, I would highly recommend it. It's a group of all-females talking about Doctor Who, both classic and new, with rather varying opinions. And while I don't always agree with them, it's nice to have a podcast that isn't a total sausage-fest (not that I don't love sausage too) all the time. Women are obviously in fandom too and here they are truly getting heard.
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30 Days of Who Meme: Day 4 -- Your Favorite Doctor

Well, I admitted this on Twitter/Facebook recently, but I've come to the conclusion that -- at least as of this moment -- Eleven is my favorite Doctor. Some of you who know me as a big Ten(nant) have been/may be surprised by this, but after much deliberation, I feel it is definitely the case.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still adore Tennant and I loved the fanboyish-ness that he brought to the part of the Doctor, but at the end of the day, I've realized that I like my fanon ideas of Ten much more than the reality of Ten. I really think he suffered at the altar of a lot of bad writing and characterization and, in the end, I was just so ready to see him go (which made me very sad, honestly, because he was definitely 'my Doctor' for a long while -- damn you, RTD!).

When Eleven came on the scene, though, it was like heaving a sigh of relief and I didn't realize how tired I'd become of the angsty, whiney-ness of Ten until things started to finally be fun again in S5. I will always thank Moffat for rejuvenating my love for the Doctor in Eleven. Plus, I think Matt Smith has really just nailed it in the role. I know some people (even here on my flist) don't agree, but I've loved his otherworldly-old-man-in-a-young-mans-body portrayal of my favorite alien and really can't wait to see where he goes with it. Yays. :)

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30 Days of Me Meme: Day 4 -- Your favorite book

I always have trouble with this question as a) I'm always bad at picking favorites and b) I tend to read many more non-fiction, reference books than I do fiction. I suppose the music geek in me might say Secret History of Rock: The Most Influential Bands You've Never Heard by Roni Sarig or even Old Stones, New Temples by Drew Campbell for the Hellenic-Pagan in me. I mostly devour books on Ancient Greece, Religion, Philosophy, Music, Cooking (especially of the ethnic variety), Sexuality, etc. We have a room sectioned off as a library in our home, so yeah, too many books to name that I love. :)

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