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So, as you may have read on Twitter/Facebook, I've been pretty under the weather tonight. Anyway, this was the best I could do as far as pics tonight. Sorry a lot of them came out quite crappy:

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Well, I'm a bit late again, but as [livejournal.com profile] justben always says: 'It's not the next day until you've gone to bed.'

Anyway, I've got quite a few pics today. Some are not the best quality, but oh well...

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Oops, I just realized I'd not posted my pics from Monday yet [see, that's why I could never do this for more than a week!].

Anyway, here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

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So, I have a few friends on my flist taking a pic a day for the year and, while I think that's cool, I doubt I'd be able to keep something like that up. Still, I like the idea of photo-blogging, especially now that I have a nifty new phone with a fairly decent camera, so I decided to do a 'Week in the Life' of my life for the next few days.

As I said, my camera isn't amazing, but I thought it might be a fun thing to do this week. The two pics are technically from Jan 17 (though it's almost 1:00 AM of the 18th as I type this -- it's been a long day). They are just random shots from my day (just two this time -- I hope to post at least one a day).

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After finishing up the office and getting some really good decorating work done, I thought I would share some pictures.

So, if you want to see where I usually sit when I am posting on here (well, except now when I am on my laptop on the Big Red Comfy Couch), check out the pictures below:

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