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30 Days of Who Meme: Day 5 -- Your Favorite Companion

I always hate this question, as there are so many awesome companions to choose from. I do have a definite 'type' though, in general -- I usually prefer the brainy ones. Zoe, Liz, Nyssa...I could go on. But at the present moment [and for what's been a good two years or so now], I have to say that my favorite is Martha Jones.

I love that she's smart, capable, feisty, independent, and hella gorgeous. I love that though she can be strong and confident, she can also be a bit dorky and self-conscious. I love that she was able to function very well on her own when away from the Doctor [something we sadly don't see enough of anymore in the show, IMO] and also that she was able to finally walk away from him when she needed to after the whole YTNW tragedy.

Sadly, I think the writers of the series did a disservice to her character by shoving an awkward 'unrequited love' [which I don't think it actually was, but anyway] plotline into an otherwise awesome Team TARDIS and generally not developing her character as much as other New!Who companions, but I still love her nonetheless. Thankfully, there is not only fanfic, but also some great other mediums [such as the IDW comics] to still enjoy her in.

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30 Days of Me Meme: Day 5 -- Your favorite quote

Ooh, another challenge. I think I'll just go with the one that is currently on my user profile:

"It's no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn't even speak to each other if they met at a party."

-- Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

Yeah. I think, as a music geek, that really fits my life in many ways.

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30 Days of Who Meme: Day 4 -- Your Favorite Doctor

Well, I admitted this on Twitter/Facebook recently, but I've come to the conclusion that -- at least as of this moment -- Eleven is my favorite Doctor. Some of you who know me as a big Ten(nant) have been/may be surprised by this, but after much deliberation, I feel it is definitely the case.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still adore Tennant and I loved the fanboyish-ness that he brought to the part of the Doctor, but at the end of the day, I've realized that I like my fanon ideas of Ten much more than the reality of Ten. I really think he suffered at the altar of a lot of bad writing and characterization and, in the end, I was just so ready to see him go (which made me very sad, honestly, because he was definitely 'my Doctor' for a long while -- damn you, RTD!).

When Eleven came on the scene, though, it was like heaving a sigh of relief and I didn't realize how tired I'd become of the angsty, whiney-ness of Ten until things started to finally be fun again in S5. I will always thank Moffat for rejuvenating my love for the Doctor in Eleven. Plus, I think Matt Smith has really just nailed it in the role. I know some people (even here on my flist) don't agree, but I've loved his otherworldly-old-man-in-a-young-mans-body portrayal of my favorite alien and really can't wait to see where he goes with it. Yays. :)

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30 Days of Me Meme: Day 4 -- Your favorite book

I always have trouble with this question as a) I'm always bad at picking favorites and b) I tend to read many more non-fiction, reference books than I do fiction. I suppose the music geek in me might say Secret History of Rock: The Most Influential Bands You've Never Heard by Roni Sarig or even Old Stones, New Temples by Drew Campbell for the Hellenic-Pagan in me. I mostly devour books on Ancient Greece, Religion, Philosophy, Music, Cooking (especially of the ethnic variety), Sexuality, etc. We have a room sectioned off as a library in our home, so yeah, too many books to name that I love. :)

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Aaaand now we're back to overdue memage:

30 Days of Who Meme: Day 3 -- Your Favorite New Series Episode

Well, if you'd asked me this question months ago, I probably would have said 'Human Nature'[/'Family of Blood']. I'm a bit weak for character studies, Doylist meta creeping into the narrative, and dark stuff, so that hit a lot of my kinks. Still, since S5 has aired, I have a new favorite -- "Amy's Choice'.

'Amy's Choice' is all frightfully meta and couldn't be something you'd do every week, of course, but I really loved taking that moment to really go there with a lot of issues about the Doctor, his lifestyle, and his relationships with his companions. I also thought Toby Jones as the 'Dreamlord' was brilliant. I've always loved his father, Freddie, as a character actor, but he showed that he could bring the awesome just as much.

I could really watch this episode on repeat (especially my favorite part when the Doctor is reaching for Amy in her grief, but can't bare touch her -- see icon). I think all of the characters are just pitch perfect and their portrayals are so brutally honest. Yes. Excellent stuff.

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30 Days of Me Meme: Day 3 -- Your favorite television program

Hmm, well, I've definitely got a couple. My traditional pat answer was always The Prisoner (the original, of course) and The Tomorrow People (the first bit of telly I was ever truly fannish over, back when I was wee). I still love those, of course, but obviously as of late, my age-old love for Doctor Who got rekindled around S3 and I've been back in love with the show ever since. I've had a wobble here and there, don't get me wrong, but S5 has really cemented my love for the show and I'm really excited to see what S6 has up its sleeves. So, yeah, definitely my current favorite.

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Oops, finally getting back to these. Busy-busy life. *facepalm*

30 Days of Who Meme: Day 2 -- Your Favorite Classic Series Episode/Serial

Hmm, this is a really tough one as there as so many lovely gems to choose from. Way back, long before RTD got his hands on Who, I was a total Seven fangirl. I think in many ways he is still one of my favorite Doctors (my favorite on some days -- depends on my mood), so I decided to choose something from that era. It is so tempting to just say Season 26 as a whole, because...wow, but I should be more specific. I find myself undecided between the awesome that is 'The Curse of Fenric' and the crack that is 'Battlefield', so I think I will go for both as my answer. Yes.

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30 Days of Me Meme: Day 2 -- Your Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is probably 'Heavenly Creatures,' with 'Night of the Hunter' as a very close second. Both films are great psychological pieces with some amazing acting and excellent cinematography. In particular I am drawn to 'Heavenly Creatures,' as there is so many similarities to my young fannish life amidst the minutes of the film (and to my relationship with my first love, Carol), that it's almost scarily autobiographical. Well, except for the ending (the beginning?), of course. But I'll leave that to you to discover.

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