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I realized recently that while I don't post very much these days, almost every post I make is friends-locked. So, I decided to do what a lot of people I know on Dreamwidth do: add a friends-only banner.

I am pretty liberal about 'friending' and generally 'friend' just about everyone back who wants to be on my friends-list. So, feel free to comment here if you'd like to be added or, if you'd like, just go ahead and add me. I don't bite.

I welcome new friends. :)

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So, I haven't been reading LJ much recently because my flist has just become so large and unwieldy. I'm hoping to start paring it way down in the coming days to try to make reading LJ much less stressful for me.

I'm planning to keep the people I chat with most and those who usually comment, but if I accidentally cut you and you want to stay around (i.e. you're more of a lurker like I am), please give me a heads up and I'll add you back.
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I just did a massive overhaul of my friend's list and cut a big chunk of people. It was definitely nothing personal, I'm just trying to streamline more stuff in my life these days.

I mostly cut people that I hadn't spoken with in ages, but if I cut you and you still want to be on my friends list (I know I'm bad a lurking myself), definitely give me a heads up on the comments.

I might do some more cuts in the coming weeks. We'll see. As I said, I'm just trying to cut some of the excess from my life.
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So, I just went through and purged my friends list down from 326 people to 254 people. There was nothing personal with any of this, they were just people that:

a) Were not mutual friends of mine, so I deleted them (with the exception of a small handful of people)

b) People who I rarely talk to/see anymore.

c) People who I actually couldn't identify as they were added long ago and aren't active friends of mine.

I am mostly working toward trying not to spend so long reading LJ on a daily basis.

If I have de-friended you in error (I am pretty sleepy) and/or if you would like to remain on my friends list, please comment below and I will re-add you.


Oct. 30th, 2006 05:22 am
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240 LJ entries and about 100 emails later, I am finally done catching up (reading at least, email and comment responses soon to follow). *phew*

Tying up a few electronic loose ends before sleep and then I go boom.


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