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Not bad considering that I went to a really crappy high school...

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Speaking of classes I am about to take, I really need to retake the Hellenion BAE (Basic Adult education) course. I tried to do it last year, but life got in the way. Anyway, some of you might be interested, so I thought I would post about it here. If you are not a member of Hellenion, but are interested, you will need to join Hellenion for $10.00 (annual membership dues) to be eligible for the class. Still, I think $10.00 is a good deal for just the class alone.


Hellenion's Basic Adult Education class to start 14 Oct. 2006

If you have ever been fascinated with the mythology of the ancient
Greek gods, you should consider taking the Basic Adult Education class
offered by Hellenion. The next class will begin on 14 Oct. 2006, and
we are accepting new members and getting them registered into the
class right now.

The class is designed to provide an introduction to Hellenic
Reconstructionism for our members. It covers five areas: (1) history;
(2) mythology; (3) ritual; (4) Hellenion as an organization; (5) the
modern pagan community.

Currently, the class is being offered online via a discussion group.
Lessons are e-mailed to students to read, and responses are posted to
the online group. Discussion is also encouraged. The class is
facilitated by a Hellenion member who is an experienced college professor.

The class is free, but in order to participate, one must be a current
member of Hellenion. For more information about this international
pagan organization, please see our website: www.hellenion.org. A direct
link to a member application is here: http://hellenion.org/Join.html.

If you would like to write to the instructor of the class, you may do
so using this e-mail address: Hellenion_Study-owner@yahoogroups.com
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Just a really quick post to pass thing along as I know some people on my friends list have shown interest in it when I have mentioned it in person

First off, and most important, you have to join the mailing list that the course is housed on:

It's a neat mailing list. Basically people give courses in both Latin and Ancient Greek (which I want to take at a later date) for free. I will warn you that the list has a bunch of posts from the varying classes going on, so you might need to filter out the one that you are taking, but otherwise it's cool.

Anyway, you'll see the course referred to on-list as "Atrium Latin Prometheus." You will need Wheelock's Latin, 6th Edition Revised as your textbook (the website says that you can probably get away with a regular 6th edition if you absolutely have to, but nothing earlier).

Here is the email that the teacher (David Meadows) sent to the list.
Information about Atrium Latin Prometheus )

First homework assignment due on October 13th, so hurry and join!

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