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A little shorter of an episode than usual for me, but also one a bit on the political side of things this time around (yet again — though hopefully this won’t be a usual thing), here is my belated episode discussion of the recent Mark Gatiss story, ‘Sleep No More’.

Inside you’ll find some happy Jessica Jones gushing, some allusions to ancient rad vs. trad fandom debates, chat about transphobic microaggressions and internalized prejudice, and a wee bit of roller derby squeeing thrown in for good measure.

So, anyway, I hope you all will join me for my review and episode discussion. And, as always, glad to have you all aboard. Enjoy the ride!

Table of Contents:
0:00:00 – Opening and Welcome
0:02:15 – Happy Fandom Time
0:09.10 – Discussion of “Sleep No More”
0:25:38 – Coming Soon on the Next Episode! (Plus Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!)

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So, I did my first podcast tonight*! It's a local Doctor Who podcast called 'Earth Station Who' that I usually listen to, with what is probably a smallish listener-ship (so I won't be 'famous' or anything). It should be available for listening by Friday or so, so I will definitely post a link once I get it (for anyone who wants to hear me being a total Doctor Who nerd).

Anyway, I watched 'Cold War' a third time today before the podcast, making notes about my thoughts and impressions (some of which I chatted about on air and some not), so I thought I might as well park them here as my review since I'd taken the time to jot them down.

Doctor Who: Cold War - Review )

On the podcast, I gave it a 3/5 stars. I thought of going lower, honestly, but overall, I was entertained (just having an Ice Warrior, upped the rating for me), even if I haven't enjoyed it as much on rewatches when I think about the glaring plot-holes.

*A friend of mine did point out the fact that I've been on the 'Poly Weekly' podcast twice in the past, but once was at a poly meet-up at DragonCon where I was randomly interviewed for a few minutes about being a poly introvert and the other was a brief spot on the 'Poly Hot Tub Cast' extra. Both were years ago though, mind you, and definitely not a 'guest' stint.

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