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I'm back! Yes, another (unexpected) hiatus down and here I am again!

Yeah, as I say in my introduction, I've been really behind on podcasting these last few months due to dealing with some fairly heavy medical stuff, but, despite all that, I'm hoping to get back on the saddle and really determined to get this podcast whipped back into shape.

So, in the spirit of all of that, in this return episode, you'll find my belated review for the last Christmas special, 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio'. I just really wanted to get that one covered before my foray into S10 of the new series, so that I could feel 'caught up', per se. Now, I had honestly also hoped this episode would be out before the new Doctor Who episode aired (and recorded it before then, as you'll be able to tell when I talk about it coming up), but pesky technical issues and Life Stuff slowed things down a few days, so it is a teeny bit late (speaking of which, I had to use a temporary different recording set-up, so there were a few teeny sound issues, but probably not enough for anyone to really notice). Oh well.

Anyway, again in this episode is my long overdue review of the Christmas special, as well as talk about anything from my squee about the return of Rona Munro and the Mondasian Cybermen from the Classic series, to the upcoming Atlanta Doctor Who convention Wholanta, to Bill being our first incontrovertibly gay companion on the televised series (so, yeah, not including my beloved Izzy Sinclair from the DWM comics who was also a lesbian, of course), to my great love of the superhero and comics genre, to Nice Guys (tm) and Sexy Lamps, etc.

So, yeah, I hope you all will join me for my review and episode discussion. And, as always, glad to have you all aboard. Enjoy the ride!

Table of Contents:

0:00:00 - Opening and Welcome
0:03:59 - Happy Fandom Time
0:10:51 - Discussion of "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"
0:51:26 - Coming Soon on the Next Episode! (Plus Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro!)

Go here for download link and show notes:




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